RX Series

With the Highest MOI in the industry, plus a wide range of adjustability, the RX Series delivers superior performance, fit and feel that no other putter can offer!

Based in science, our unique designs deliver greater stability, more forgiveness, and a better roll for improved accuracy and a tighter putt dispersion.

#1 Higher Moment of Inertia

Moment of Inertia (MOI) is a scientific term used in physics to describe an object’s resistance to twisting. In its simplest terms, Higher MOI means more stability and forgiveness.

Increased Stability - Testing by Quintic Labs USA has shown that our Higher MOI design will improve the stroke of any golfer, from Tour Players to high handicappers, with a significant reduction in face angle variation at impact – producing greater accuracy.

Forgiveness - Higher MOI means less putter twist at impact from off-centre hits, creating a dramatically larger sweet-spot. You can hit it off the heel or the toe with negligible effects.

Tighter Putt Dispersion – The Cure RX Series Putters dramatically improve both distance and directional control for much tighter putt dispersion. 

Cure RX Series Putters – Highest MOI In Golf - The RX Series delivers a remarkably Higher MOI at any weight by utilizing a larger, lightweight head with extreme heel/toe weighting.


#2 Adjustable Weight: Add up to 200 grams

Our Weight Adjustment System allows a much wider range of weight combinations than any other putter in the industry. Most adjustable weight putters only offer a range of about 20 grams, but the RX Series allows up to 200+ grams of additional weight in small increments so you can easily find the ideal weight to suit your stroke and tempo.

Only Cure RX Series Putters offer this tremendous weight range and versatility to dial in what works best for you. 


#3 Adjustable Lie Angle: 62° - 80°

RX back diagram

Our Adjustable Lie putters utilize a proprietary shaft disc mechanism that rotates smoothly between 62º - 80º. This represents a range from 8º flatter than standard, all the way up to the most upright position that is allowed by the Rules of Golf. You can custom fit your lie angle in about 2 minutes and the shafts are easily interchangeable.


#4 Better Roll

RX roll diagram

Cure RX Series Putters have a higher centre of gravity, lower loft, and a deeper face that impacts the ball at the equator. This eliminates backspin and creates a lower, more consistent launch angle, sending the ball into a smoother, tighter forward roll that helps it stay on the intended line. Additionally, the Higher MOI design helps maintain a superior roll, even on mishits.


What a Cure Putter WILL do for you!

The Higher MOI improves your stroke and offers incredible forgiveness for much greater accuracy and distance control – even extreme mishits roll on line and reach the hole. Get ready to sink more and longer putts!