Moment of Inertia

What is Moment of Inertia?

MOI is a term used in physics to measure the stability of an object and how resistant it is to being twisted. The higher the MOI the more resistant an object is to being twisted. In golf it is effectively a measure of the forgiveness of the club at impact.

Why is it important for the performance of golf clubs?

MOI is important in golf club design because most golfers do not hit the ball in the centre of the clubface all the time. On off-centre hits the club head is forced to rotate away from the target resulting in a loss of directional control and ball speed.

A high MOI means that the club is more stable and therefore more resistant to twisting, which translates to more ball speed and a straighter shot. So for the average golfer a high MOI is beneficial as it will lead to consistently straighter and longer shots from off centre strikes.

Cure Putters – MOI on Another Level?

The slightly oversized aluminum head in the CX range carries large tungsten weights in the heel and toe, creating the most aggressive weight ratio of any blade putter in history and removable, stainless steel set screws allow 42 grams of weight adjustability. With the stability and forgiveness of a High MOI mallet, but the clean look and precise feel of a traditional blade, the Cure Classic Series is bigger, badder and deadly accurate. It’s everything that you want and nothing like you’d expect.

The CX range of putters vary from 334g and 6,400 MOI to 408g and 8,200 MOI. Traditional blade putters range from 2-5,000 MOI whilst mallet putters generally sit at about 3-7,000 MOI.

The RX Series delivers a remarkably Higher MOI at any weight by utilizing a larger, lightweight head with extreme heel/toe weighting. The base weight of all our putters are in a typical weight range. However, our proprietary Weight Adjustment System makes custom weighting and much heavier weights possible.

The RX Series range from 332g to 615g in weight and an amazing 6,400 to 18,000 MOI.

Moment of inertia chart