Cure Tour Professionals

Robert Garrigus, PGA Tour Player & 2010 PGA Tour Children's Miracle Network Classic winner

"It's a great putter and it's completely changed my career for the last month - just being able to be on the plus side of strokes gained putting. As soon as I put this putter in the bag, I made a cut and then finished in the top 25, then I finished in the top five,  I almost won Dallas. I had a good chance at congressional, I just didn’t hit it as good but my putter kept me going in the Top 10. I was + 2.38 in putting - I don't think I've ever been that my career. That’s huge! If I can have bad weeks in ball striking and still finish in the Top 10 like that, it just makes me smile. It's just awesome. I'm so excited. Everybody's asking me about it now that I'm playing well and putting well.

I've putted with a number of putters over the years, long short, I've probably done everything - It was really refreshing when I picked up the Cure putter. It's really nice, the roll is incredible... and once I picked one of these up, I started rolling putts in right away. That gave me confidence and confidence in the game is everything."


Steve Jones, PGA Champion Tour Player & Former US Open Champion

“The MOI keeps the putter on line better and it's a bigger sweet spot, so thats pretty simple right there and that's what you want in putting. The last couple years I've been in and out of different types of putters, but the Cure has just been a total opposite change from all these other putters. You can tell it right away when you first start using it, it's incredible.

Everybody wants to make more putts, so give it a try. The feel is amazing, it's improved my putting stats dramatically and it's brought a lot of fun back into the game of golf for me.


Peter Senior, PGA Champion Tour player & Former Australian Senior Open Champion

“I finally just started recently using the Cure putter. I've tried several others. If you want a putter that's perfectly balanced and comes off the face as sweet as anything, a Cure putter is probably the one for you. I've gone with the CX2 and I'm doing very well with it."


Rod Spittle, PGA Champion Tour Player

"My Cure RX Series putter is the most stable putter I have ever used. My putting stats have improved dramatically. The ball rolls great and I have averaged nearly 5 birdies per round! The results speak for themselves and I encourage all players to check it out."


Mark Bentley UK PGA Putting Coach & Aimpoint Practitioner

"As a PGA Professional who specialises in coaching putting and custom fitting putters, I can highly recommend Cure Putters to anyone who is serious about improving their game.

The ability to professionally custom fit a player has made a significant improvements to many of my clients putting performance.

I would certainly recommend everyone that plays the game of golf, no matter what level of player they are, should consider getting correctly fitted for a Cure putter”.

 Mark Bentley