Cure Golf Pro Testimonials

"I've been putting with the CURE for over a year now. My confidence on the greens is higher than it has been in a very long time. I give a lot of that credit to the CURE technology. Looking forward to more WINS with this putter."

Pat Stephens, PGA - Head Men's Golf Coach at Eastern Kentucky University

“I’ve had some great success with my Cure Putter over the last year. The extreme stability and forgiveness of these putters is remarkable and something I think most players will benefit from. As a club professional who owns my own shop, I love the ability to easily custom fit my members with the adjustable lie angle and weight system. It’s a great combination of features and performance.”

Craig, Thomas, Head Golf Professional at Metropolis Country Club

"I first saw the Cure Putter in an advertisement in the PGA Magazine. The look was a bit odd but I was curious about the 0 degree loft and thought that makes total sense when looking for a true roll. I always had trouble with the ball hopping on me.

The order was placed and as soon as I had set the putter up the way I liked the putts started dropping. Not only was I able to keep the ball on line but my distance control on longer putts was a lot more consistent.

The members at the club give me a bit of grief over the look and sound but I just tell them I bet everyone said the same thing when the original Ping putters came out. I sneak up to the putting green when an unsuspecting group is practicing before their round and they give me grief then I let them try the putter. I have sold 8 Cure putters in this manner. Best putter I have ever owned."

Kenny Saunders, PGA Director of Golf / Head Golf Professional at The Sound Golf Links at Albemarle Plantation in Hertford, NC

The RX series is amazing! Have the RX3 in my bag!"

Doug Hendricks, PGA Professional / Host of Winning Golf TV

"Ugliest putter I've ever LOVED! You can't get this outta my bag."

J Lynn “Doc” Griffin, Owner Doc Griffin Golf - Professional Club Fitting, instruction & Repair

"I was introduced to the Cure putters by the local representative Bill Higgins. He had asked me to roll a few putts with this new putter, and so I did. Immediately putt after putt seemed to roll perfectly straight despite the archer. Bill began to tell me about the technology of the putter and it’s really is great stuff. I have always been interested in less loft in putters and found that attribute to deliver one of the smoothest rolls of a ball I’ve seen. The ball hugged the ground end over end in the straightest of lines. Needless to say I’ve been CURED, a definite script for holing more putts! This putter has immediately given me more confidence that I’ll hole more putts. I’m enjoying it immensely and enjoying the curiosity by fellow players. I can’t wait to explain to them all this putter has to offer. I wish you and the company all the best!"

Camile Collier, Yale University, Asst. Pro

"The putter was amazing.  The alignment was good and easy, and the distance control was repeatable. For my customers this is going to reduce their three putts, and help on long putts. I'm going to sell a lot of these."

Edward Czerwinski, owner of Golf Fore Less (Hyannis, MA)

I took it out on the course today and hit the ball pretty mediocre, but with this putter I still made six birdies and shot a 67."

Thomas Wartelle, PGA Professional, Director of Golf at Jackson Kearney Group in Washington, LA.

"This year, this is without a doubt the best item at the show, not only for my own game but for my students as well."

Howard Wykoff, 35-year PGA Professional